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PVC plastic cards are a powerful transaction and processing tool today's era. Card Center is a leading and highly respected name in this field. We are a recognized manufacturers and suppliers of all types of PVC plastic cards since 2005 Feb; that are versatile and vital for almost all business activities. Just as the use of plastic cards is becoming a universal phenomenon, our reputation in this sphere of activity is also expanding rapidly.

Our superior quality plastic cards offer convenience, security and savings (both in transaction costs and time) and thus make business easy and simple. The range of cards offered by us is comprehensive and customized, as we have our own in-house printing and designing facility. We have the latest equipment for manufacturing; including the most modern computerized embossing machines to give these cards a look similar to that of a Credit Card or ATM Card.

We are dedicated to transform businesses through our state-of-the-art and technology driven cards. Made to the exact specifications, right from the dimensions and color combinations to the type of printing required, these customized solutions are sure to enhance your business bottom line

We manufacture high quality laminated PVC cards printed in 1, 2, 3 and Multi colors on single or both sides, providing vibrant color reproduction for the best results. Our range of cards have radius-cut rounded corners and can be customized in size, shape, design or any other specification as per client's requirements. We also offer bulk ordering for our clients, and ensure quality, punctuality and customer satisfaction.

With our mission to produce quality product in short lead-time & at industry leading price points possible, we are committed to customer satisfaction. Owing to the high quality of our products and an excellent service network, we have gained immense popularity and are now expanding into the global market.

Quality being our capital concern, we are committed to quality work, creativity and service excellence. Our innovative product line breathes life in the promotional aspect of client's operations. Providing optimum quality with reduced manufacturing costs, we ensure the printing of right objects at the right place in speedy times.

Our wide range of products including cards, are developed under a quality-controlled environment with no room for errors. Every product is completely inspected after being manufactured and before transportation to customers. Our quality control department inspects the cards we manufacture after they have been encoded and numbered prior to being placed in sleeves for shipping.

We manufacture Digital Printed Cards with our modern equipments and we offer a best quality Digital Printed Cards to our customers. We manufacture these cards according to the specification of our client. In these cards image of any person (if provided) can be printed on the ID card. The size, design and color can be customized as per the choice of the customers. We also accomplish multi color printing on one side or both the sides.

Digitally Printed PVC Fused card and Thermal cards, identity card with personalized details of the employee ideal for organization, call centres, school, university, etc. We can customised the card in any design, shape size etc. With multicolor Digital and screen-printing technology with permanent printing feature.

We offer 3 types of Digital Printed Cards, they are:

  • Thermal Printed Cards
  • Digital (inkjet) Printed cards
  • Laser Printed Cards

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